Australian Spring Special -15% off mouse models

Australian Spring Special -15% off mouse models

Spring Special
15% off mouse

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15 Oct 2022

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Spring Special mouse models discount

Start a new project by 15 Oct 2022 to avail of the Australian Spring Special with Ozgene, one of the leading companies providing genetically modified mice for researchers globally.

We offer a full spectrum of pre-clinical capabilities from the development of knockout, knock-in, transgenic and humanized mice through to breeding, characterisation and phenotyping.

Gene targeting in as little as 20 weeks
Revolutionary goGermline™ technology
OzBIG genomic inserts up to 240kb
30+ years of industry experience
500+ mouse models published

“I have been working with Ozgene for over a decade and they have accelerated my scientific progress, without fail. It’s not just their profound expertise and incredible efficiency. It’s that they take the time to deeply consider the goals of a genetic modification – and, most importantly, to predict potential unintended consequences with creative ways to avoid them. In an era of arguably reckless and slapdash genetic modification, Ozgene is the real deal for careful well controlled studies. I cannot write enough good things about my experiences with Ozgene.”

Prof. James C. Zimring MD, PhD, University of Virginia
Author of “What Science is and How it Really Works” (Cambridge University Press)


Start your research sooner with Ozgene’s
unbeatable mouse generation timelines.

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