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1. The murine stanniocalcin 1 gene is not essential for growth and development. (KO conditional)
Cha, J; Chang, AC; Koentgen F,Reddel RR.
Mol Cell Biol, 2005 Dec;25(23):10604
Children's Medical Research Institute, 214 Hawkesbury Road, Westmead, Sydney, NSW 2145, Australia.
2. Loss of c-Cbl RING finger function results in high-intensity TCR signaling and thymic deletion. (KI non-conditional)
Andoniou, CE; Blystad, FD; Langdon, WY; Lew, AM; Thien, CB; Voigt, V; Zhan, Y
EMBO J, 2005 Nov 2;24(21):3807-19. Epub 2005 Oc
School of Surgery and Pathology, University of Western Australia, Crawley, Australia.
3. Generation of transgenic mice with mild and severe retinal neovascularisation. (Not categorised)
Beazley, LD; Binz, N; Brankov, M; Constable, IJ; Dunlop, SA; Gorbatov, M; Graham CE,Barry CJ; Lai, CM; Lai, YK; May, LA; Rakoczy, EP.; Shen, WY
Br J Ophthalmol, 2005 Jul;89(7):91
Centre for Ophthalmology and Visual Science, The University of Western Australia, Nedlands, Australia.
4. Murine T-box transcription factor Tbx20 acts as a repressor during heart development, and is essential for adult heart integrity, function and adaptation (KO conditional)
Brian, L. Black; Christiana, Leimena; Christine, Biben; David, E. Elliott; David, J. McCulley; Diane, Fatkin and Richard P. Harvey; Donna, Lai; Fiona, A. Stennard; Jost, I. Preis; Mark, J. Solloway; Mauro, W. Costa; Milena, B. Furtado; Owen, W. J. Prall; Sally, L. Dunwoodie
Development, 2005 May;132(10):2451-62. Epub 2005 Apr
Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, St Vincent's Hospital, 384 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst 2010, New South Wales, Australia.
5. A homolog of Drosophila grainy head is essential for epidermal integrity in mice. (KO/KI)
Auden, A; Caddy, J; Cunningham, JM; Elias, PM; Ellis, S; Hislop, N; Holleran, WM; Jane, SM.; Kaur, P; Ting, SB; Uchida, Y; Wilanowski, T; Zhao, LL
Science, 2005 Apr 15;308(5720):41
Royal Melbourne Hospital Post Office, Grattan Street, Parkville, Victoria, Australia 3050.
6. In vivo fate-tracing studies using the Scl stem cell enhancer: embryonic hematopoietic stem cells significantly contribute to adult hematopoiesis. (KI non-conditional)
Begley, CG.; Gothert, JR; Gottgens, B; Green, AR; Gustin, SE; Hall, MA; Izon, DJ
Blood, 2005 Apr 1;105(7):2724-32. Epub 2004 Dec
Division of Cancer Biology, Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, Center for Child Health Research, University of Western Australia, West Perth, Australia.
7. Lentiviral vector-based models of amyloid pathology: from cells to animals. (Tg lentiviral)

Current Alzheimer Research, 2005 Apr;2(2):239
Tranzyme Pharma Inc., 21 Davis Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, USA.
8. Matrix Metalloproteinases Are Not Essential for Aggrecan Turnover during Normal Skeletal Growth and Development. (KI non-conditional)
Fosang, AJ.; Golub, SB; Hembry, RM; Last, K; Lawlor, KE; Little, CB; Meeker, CT; Sims, NA
Mol Cell Biol, 2005 Apr;25(8):3388
Arthritis Research Group, University of Melbourne Department of Paediatrics and Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Royal Children's Hospital, Flemington Road, Parkville 3052, Australia.

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