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1. Reproduction and maternal behavior in insulin-regulated aminopeptidase (IRAP) knockout mice. (KO conditional)
Albiston, AL; Burns, P; Chai, SY.; Diwakarla, S; Ng, L; Pham, V; Yeatman, HR
Peptides, 2009 Oct;30(10):1861-5. Epub 2009 Au
University of Melbourne, Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia.
2. Fancm-deficient mice reveal unique features of Fanconi anemia complementation group M. (KO conditional)
Bakker, ST; de, Winter JP.; Delzenne-Goette, E; Joenje, H; Oostra, AB; Rooimans, MA; Steltenpool, J; Te, Riele H; van, de Vrugt HJ; van, der Valk M; van, der Wal A
Hum Mol Genet, 2009 Sep 15;18(18):3484-95. Epub 2009 Jun
Division of Molecular Biology, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
3. Guidance of B Cells by the Orphan G Protein-Coupled Receptor EBI2 Shapes Humoral Immune Responses. (KO conditional)
Basten, A; Brink, R.; Gatto, D; Mackay, CR; Paus, D
Immunity, 2009 Aug 21;31(2):259-69. Epub 2009 Jul
Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia.
4. Hypomaturation enamel defects in Klk4 knockout/LacZ knockin mice. (KO/KI)
Hu, JC.; Hu, Y; Lertlam, R; Simmer, JP; Yamakoshi, Y
J Biol Chem, 2009 Jul 10;284(28):19110-21. Epub 2009 Ma
Department of Biologic and Materials Sciences, University of Michigan School of Dentistry, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108, USA.
5. A Humanized Version of Foxp2 Affects Cortico-Basal Ganglia Circuits in Mice (KO/KI)
Wiebe, V; Adler, T; Aguilar, A; Arendt, T; Becker, L; Blass, T; Bolle, I; Brückner, M; Busch, DH; Calzada-Wack, J; Dalke, C; Ehrhardt, N; Enard, W; Favor, J; Fischer, J; Fisher, SE; Fuchs, H; Gailus-Durner, V; Gehre, S; Giger, T; Graw, J; Groszer, M; Hammerschmidt, K; Hans, W; Hölter, S; Hölzlwimmer, G; Hrabé, de Angelis M; Ivandic, B; Javaheri, A; Kalaydjiev, S; Kallnik, M; Kling, E; Klingenspor, M; Klopstock, T; Kunder, S; Mobrugger, I; Morgenstern, R; Müller, U; Naton, B; Nickel, B; Ollert, M; Pääbo, S.; Quintanilla-Martinez, L; Racz, I; Rathkolb, B; Rozman, J; Schreiweis, C; Schrewe, A; Schulz, H; Schwarz, J; Sohr, R; Somel, M; Winter, C; Wolf, E; Wurst, W; Zimmer, A
Cell, 2009 May 29;137(5):961
Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Deutscher Platz 6, D-04103 Leipzig, Germany
6. Gene disruption study reveals a nonredundant role for TRIM21/Ro52 in NF-kappaB-dependent cytokine expression in fibroblasts. (KO/KI)
Atsumi, T; Chang, TH; Morse, HC 3rd; Ozato, K.; Wang, H; Yoshimi, R
J Immunol, 2009 Jun 15;182(12):7527
Laboratory of Molecular Growth Regulation, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 20892.
7. Probasin Promoter Driven Expression of ID1 Is not Sufficient for Carcinogenesis in Rodent Prostate. (Tg pronuclear injection)
Dong, Q.; Macleod, D; Salomon, R; Young, L; Yu, XL
J Histochem Cytochem, 2009 Jun;57(6):599-604. Epub 2009 Ma
Central Clinical School, The University of Sydney and Department of Endocrinology and Sydney Cancer Centre Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, New South Wales, Australia.
8. A mutation in the Nlrp3 gene causing inflammasome hyperactivation potentiates Th17 cell-dominant immune responses. (KO conditional)
Fuss, I; Kitani, A; Meng, G; Strober, W.; Zhang, F
Immunity, 2009 Jun 19;30(6):860-74. Epub 2009 Ju
Mucosal Immunity Section, Laboratory of Host Defenses, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 20892, USA.
9. Mice lacking the extracellular matrix protein WARP develop normally but have compromised peripheral nerve structure and function. (KO/KI)
Allen, JM; Bateman, JF.; Brachvogel, B; Fitzgerald, J; Hansen, U; Lamandé, SR; Rowley, L; Schlötzer-Schrehardt, U; Zamurs, L
J Biol Chem, 2009 May 1;284(18):12020-30. Epub 2009 Mar
Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Royal Children's Hospital, Parkville, Victoria 3052, Australia.
10. Effects of presynaptic mutations on a postsynaptic Cacna1s calcium channel co-localized with mGluR6 at mouse photoreceptor ribbon synapses. (KO/KI)
Brandstaetter, JH; Dearden, P; Koentgen, F; Maw, MA; Specht, D; Tom, Dieck S.; Turner, P; Wolfrum, U; Wu, SB
Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 2009 Feb;50(2):505-15. Epub 2008 Oct
Department of Biology, Animal Physiology, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen, Germany.

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