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Because my staff told me it was a good idea, that’s why. Well, that is how the whole idea got started anyway. For anyone who knows me, you know that I live, eat and breathe Lean Philosophy. In other words, I ask the question “why?” about as much as a four year old child does. Over a period of several months, I asked my staff to give me reasons why blogging would be beneficial. They were successful in answering and I have now agreed to write to you on a regular basis. Actually, I am somewhat excited about it. So, what will I be writing to you about?

Quite often, I have a specific view on how things should work, which is no secret. This will likely become evident to most of you who will read this space. I will write about Ozgene, science in general, genetics, Lean, technology, and anything else that lights a fire in me. I will welcome guest posts from time to time. I may even write about other blogs if I feel inclined. Maybe, I will take suggestions on topics, we’ll see about this though.

I am sure you are all sitting at the edge of your chairs just waiting to see what I will come up with. Don’t get too excited just yet. I will trial this for about six months and then re-evaluate how it is going. Hopefully, it continues and becomes my way of connecting with as many people as I can. So, watch this space for some intriguing and opinionated pieces.

- Frank, CEO -

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  • Shingo Institute, Logan, UT, USA
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