Sequential cloning system -closed

CA 2608636 A1


This invention discloses a cloning system and more particularly a system for sequentially cloning a plurality of heterologous nucleic acid sequences to assemble a chimeric construct of interest. The cloning system employs a marker sequence, which confers an identifiable characteristic on host cells in which it is contained, to chaperone individual insert nucleic acid sequences into recipient constructs that do not comprise the marker sequence but comprise other nucleic acid sequences for inclusion in the chimeric construct.

Recombinant constructs into which one or more insert nucleic acid sequences have been introduced with the chaperone marker sequence are isolated by introducing recombinant constructs into host cells and identifying hosts cells with the identifiable characteristic.

Publication number: CA2608636 A1
Publication type: Application
Application number: CA 2608636
PCT number: PCT/AU2006/000650
Publication date: Nov 23, 2006
Filing date: May 17, 2006
Priority date: May 17, 2005
Also published as: EP1882036A1, EP1882036A4, EP1882036B1, US8202727, US20080268447, WO2006122354A1
Inventors: Frank Koentgen
Applicant: Frank Koentgen, Ozgene Pty Ltd
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