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Mol Cell Biol 2002 Feb;22(3):946

Essential role for the lymphostromal plasma membrane Ly 6 superfamily molecule thymic shared antigen 1 in development of the embryonic adrenal gland.

Barnett, L; Berzins, SP; Boyd, RL; Classon, BJ.; Gill, JW; Harvey, RP; Koentgen, F; Lambert, GW; Randle, Barrett ES; Zammit, DJ

Department of Pathology and Immunology, Monash Medical School, Prahran, Victoria, Australia.

Thymic shared antigen 1 (TSA-1) is a plasma membrane protein of the Ly-6 superfamily expressed on thymocytes, thymic stromal cells, and other cells of the hematopoietic system. TSA-1 is also expressed in other nonhematopoietic tissues, in particular, embryonic and adult adrenal glands. To address the function of TSA-1, we generated mutant mice in which TSA-1 expression was inactivated by gene targeting. Here we show that deletion of both TSA-1 alleles results in abnormal adrenal gland development and midgestational lethality due to cardiac abnormalities. We also report that TSA-1-deficient adrenal glands have significantly reduced levels of the catecholamines noradrenaline and adrenaline. We conclude that TSA-1 is required for normal embryonic development but that deletion of its expression does not obviously impair lymphoid development.

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