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  • How long to generate a mouse model? >

    Our fastest projects have been completed in 20 weeks, including knock-ins and conditional knockouts on C57BL/6 background, utilising our published goGermline technology and gene targeting via homologous recombination. Ozgene’s current average timeline is 29 weeks.

    Ozgene timeline

    We have identified process improvements that can reduce the timeline even further, making our new target timeline 18 weeks. Ozgene is making continuous improvements on project timelines by stabilising, standardising and refining each individual process using Lean management.

    * watch video on goGermline.

  • How are the mice shipped? >

    Mice are routinely shipped around the world using World Courier because of their door-to-door, person-to-person delivery service. Special shipping containers are used that ensure the safety of the mice during their travels.


    We also have safeguards in place should anything happen during the shipping process. When possible, mice can be sent in two different shipments. In addition, we can maintain a reserve colony of your mouse line in our vivarium.

    This ensures that there are mice of breeding age available at all times. These safeguards can be discussed closer to the end of your project.

  • What is the price for a mouse model? >

    Ozgene provides customised products and services based on the scientific requirements of each individual project. As such, please contact us to discuss your project in detail so that we assess the complexity of the locus and desired allele(s), and then provide you with an obligation free consultation and quote.

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  • Is germline transmission guaranteed? >

    Ozgene is dedicated to providing you with a successful project. We will even repeat steps in the process at no cost to you if need be. In the 20 years that Dr Koentgen and Ozgene have been generating gene targeted mice, all projects have achieved germline transmission, including double targeting.

    Since each genetic modification is a brand new experiment, there is always a possibility that the desired mutation is lethal in an unpredictable way - therefore we do not offer guarantees. We will keep you informed of the progress of your project as vital steps are completed and you will be able to access your project information 24/7 via myOzgene.

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Contact us to discuss your mouse model requirements and the best solution for your project. We will provide you with an obligation free project design and quote.

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Proven Track Record

The team at Ozgene has over two decades of experience creating customised knockout and knock-in mice for pivotal medical research globally. Over 400 scientific publications are based on research using Ozgene mice.

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Global Client Base

Ozgene generates genetically customised mice for researchers around the world. Ozgene mice can be found in 31 different countries on 5 continents from small academic institutions to multinational pharmaceutical companies.

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Lean Management

Ozgene is applying Lean Management principles to deliver the highest quality services and shortest lead times to our customers. The implementation of Lean Culture has already seen an improvement in our processes and timelines.

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