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Welcome to Ozgene


Welcome to Ozgene

Ozgene is one of the leading companies providing genetically modified mice for researchers around the world. We offer a full spectrum of pre-clinical capabilities from the development of mouse models through to breeding, characterisation and phenotyping. All mouse generation services enjoy the benefits of Ozgene’s proprietary goGermline™ technology with improved 3Rs and leading timelines.

What is goGermline?

goGermline is a fast and efficient way to generate knockout, knock-in and targeted transgenic mice. goGermline eliminates competition with ‘host’ embryos, resulting in 100% embryonic stem (ES) cell-derived offspring with significant benefits to project timelines and animal welfare. To experience the goGermline benefits first-hand, enquire about a mouse project with us or order goGermline embryos to trial them in your facility.


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