Why Ozgene?

Why Ozgene?

Why Ozgene?

Here are a few good reasons

1. Comprehensive services

Ozgene is a one-stop-shop for your mouse model research needs. We offer a full spectrum of pre-clinical capabilities from the development of genetically engineered models through to breeding, characterisation and phenotyping. We can also manage your mouse colonies long-term in Australia or the USA.

2. goGermline™ technology

goGermline is Ozgene’s proprietary technology to generate gene-targeted knockout, knock-in and transgenic mice. When injecting embryonic stem (ES) cells, goGermline eliminates competition with ‘host’ embryos, resulting in 100% ES cell-derived offspring. This results in greater germline efficiency, shorter project timelines and improved 3Rs of animal welfare.

3. Faster timelines

Ozgene’s fastest conditional knockouts and knock-ins have taken 20 weeks to reach F1 heterozygous targeted mice. The current average project timeline is 29 weeks. We are making continuous timeline improvements by stabilising, standardising and refining each individual process using Lean management in order to reduce our project completion times even further.

4. Proven track record

Ozgene has over 20 years of recognised expertise. In fact, Ozgene’s CEO and CSO were the first to generate C57BL/6 knockout mice in 1993. Ozgene was founded in 1999 and today roughly 500 scientific publications have been based on research using Ozgene mice. Germline transmission has been achieved for all mouse projects to date, including double targeting.

5. Reliable gene targeting

Ozgene continues to rely on the well-published technique of gene targeting via classical homologous recombination, enhanced by goGermline technology. The potential of CRISPR technology is very exciting, but there are some limitations to its usefulness and drawbacks inherent to the technology, such as the mosaicism of CRISPR founder animals.

Ozgene offers strictly fee for service.

All your intellectual property (IP) and materials generated for your project belong to you. Ozgene does not keep your IP or resell any vectors, ES cells or mouse lines to third parties.

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