Absolutely fabulously awesome!

Absolutely fabulously awesome!

Absolutely fabulously awesome!

That was my email to the Ozgene team this morning when they told me about the latest results. We are not quite ready to launch our new aptly named goGermline technology yet. I, however, just can’t quell my enthusiasm, so here it goes…

The basics

Let’s start from the basics of what we actually do – generate genetically modified mice for medical research. Many of these mouse models mimic human diseases and can be used to study the disease and from there develop a possible cure.

The genetic modification is done in mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells, which are then injected into host embryos. This creates what is called a chimeric mouse. The chimeras are then mated and what we want to have is the offspring from the modified ES cells, carrying the genetic modification.

Unfortunately, the host embryos are “stronger” than the ES cells and the majority of pups are derived from the host embryo. In other words, more wild type mice are created compared to the desired ES cell derived mice… and THIS is where goGermline comes in!


So how can we not have animals born that we don’t need? One day, while in the shower (where all great ideas seem to manifest), I came up with the idea of using a sterile embryo to inject into. That would mean that all offspring are derived from the genetically modified ES cells.

We developed a way of generating sterile host embryos and commenced an internal R&D project to prove the hypothesis. After much anticipation, the results were even more exciting than expected! Not only were all pups derived from the ES cells, but also very low percentage chimeras gave a multitude of ES cell derived offspring!

We have since applied this technology to selected client projects. The results I received from the Ozgene team this morning further confirmed the initial findings! My response gave this blog its heading…

In a nutshell, goGermline will get genetically modified mice generated faster, more efficiently and with less animals. The technology was named goGermline because now everyone can goGermline. First time. Every time.

My vision

With goGermline, we can improve our 3R’s (replace, reduce, refine) for animal welfare. That is first and foremost. From Ozgene’s point of view, we will be able to answer scientific questions quickly, breed mice more efficiently, and significantly reduce our clients’ project time and animal usage.

My vision is to make goGermline available to scientists and animal research facilities at a reasonable cost to help them reduce time, animals and waste. My vision is to offer the goGermline service for troublesome ES cells and give them a perfect environment to thrive. My vision is to inspire curiosity by showing that there are still things to discover, even if you have done something for a long time. My vision is to advance humanity by giving a better tool for medical research.

Stay tuned for the goGermline launch in the near future. Or better yet, contact me now for a chat.

– Frank, CEO –