The Lean Ozgene story… so far

The Lean Ozgene story… so far

The Lean Ozgene story… so far

lean mouseto advance humanity – inspire curiosity

The Lean Ozgene story started as so many others, by chance. I happened to buy the book, “The Toyota Way”, by Jeff Liker during the AALAS conference in Denver at the end of 2009. By 2010, I was so intrigued by what I had read that I attended the Lean Conference in Melbourne.

Exposure to the ideas of empathy and knowledge gaps added meaning to the term “curiosity”. I also studied Maslow’s pyramid of needs and the “four stages of learning”. This helped to conceptualize and prioritize my ideas. I was now well, and truly, hooked on the Lean Management philosophy.

This led me to join the May 2012 Japan “Shingo Study Tour”, which presented me with many key insights. It also introduced me to many new likeminded friends and started Ozgene’s Lean journey in earnest.

Ozgene has been continuously traveling along this Lean journey for approximately five years now. What does that mean and why should you care? Well, “Lean” is centred on creating value, for you, the client. This means that we are striving to regularly advance our systems to provide you with better timelines and services.

We have implemented the Toyota Production System (TPS) within our laboratory to smooth the flow of delivery, minimize waste and to allow for the flexibility to change. This has carried through to all of our departments, allowing us to be more efficient.

Through our Lean transition, our processes for all new projects have improved dramatically. In fact, since the beginning of 2014, our efficiency has improved by 74%. Due to the increase in efficiency and the implementation of goGermline technology, project timelines have also been considerably decreased. We look forward to passing on even more improvements as we continue on the Lean journey.

Unfamiliar with Lean ideas? Here are a few videos from an early interview with Steve Jobs to get you on your way.




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