What does an F1 tyre change have to do with KO mice?

What does an F1 tyre change have to do with KO mice?

What does an F1 tyre change have to do with KO mice?

As you probably know, I have been traveling for the past two months. It was a great trip with a lot of great people. Now that I am back, business resumes as normal, hence this blog entry on an F1 tyre change. You may ask what tyre changes have to do with Ozgene…?

In order to fully understand this blog post, you must watch this video first. Don’t worry, it won’t take long!

Have you ever wondered why it takes half a day for your local tyre place to change your tyres, when this team can do it in less than 3 seconds? It is a question of highly developed and standardised processes, where all waste has been removed. Every person and every tool has a purpose, a job. They all have to come together at exactly the right time and place to be flawlessly efficient.

Ozgene has adopted the Lean philosophy to help us strive towards this same level of efficiency. We are making good progress. For example:

  • Processes have been analysed and waste has been removed. Each team has investigated their processes, identified where time could be saved and how tasks could be done more efficiently.


  • All processes have been implemented into a system called SBS (step-by-step). This ensures that each project task is done in the exact same manner each time, no matter who performs it.


  • Our new goGermline technology is a remarkable result of the Ozgene Lean System. With goGermline, we are not only removing waste but also making significant improvements to animal welfare!


  • Improving timelines has been our main focus for 2014 and it is paying off! Our new projects are now completed in less than 52 weeks, with the utmost goal being ≤ 26 weeks. This would be a true F1 situation, with all waste removed and each process giving the desired result the first time, every time.


Our collective goal is to become like the F1 tyre change team and to produce a KO mouse with the same speed, accuracy and finesse. We aren’t there yet, but we are well on our way. And for the record, I’m not trying to indulge the Ferrari fans with this analogy, even if some of our clients thought so during my trip!

On another note, this is my sixth blog entry. How am I doing? Any suggestions? Does anyone out there want to write a guest post? Let me know…

– Frank, CEO –