Measuring what you manage

Measuring what you manage

Measuring what you manage

I believe firmly in gathering data, analysing it, and then using the information to support everything that we do at Ozgene. Our team is well versed in how this works. W. Edwards Deming once said, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”. Exactly! Gathering data isn’t necessarily the problem anymore, however, measuring and applying what the data tells us can be.

With inventions such as the computer and the internet, data seems to be abundant. The data is there, in mass quantities. But how is all of that data useful if no one interprets it and shares the conclusions? Take for instance the opinion or myth that humans are overpopulating the Earth. What is this based on? Has anyone analysed the data? The answer is yes! Check out the video below.


This video is a perfect example of having the data but no one interpreting and presenting the facts (until now). It’s interesting how wrong most people were when asked about birth rates in developing countries. It goes to show that even though we have the data; it isn’t being properly supplied to the general population. It makes you wonder how many other things are myths.

At Ozgene, we try very hard to manage our operations based on the data we collect. I’ve touched on this in the past in my October and November blogs.

It basically comes down to this: You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

– Frank, CEO –

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