Blogs of 2016

Blogs of 2016

Blogs of 2016

December is always a time for reflection. What happened this year? What did we achieve? What can we do better next year? My blogs in 2016 tell a story of learning and discovery.

Reflecting on 2016

In the beginning of the year I was exploring complex adaptive systems, seeking Lessons from ants and finding Order within chaos. This rumination was put aside in March with our Eureka moment published. goGermline has made a huge difference to our processes, project timelines and animal welfare, and it was great to see it published in the genesis journal.

Year 2016 has also been a thriving year of Jishukens… Jishu-what? you ask… Not to forget the important role of the humble post-it notes in those Jishukens, leading to a Post-it pandemonium.

During the year, I also shared an article on ‘medical Taylorism’ that struck a chord with me. Leaning (on) our healthcare system touched on issues that unfortunately affect all of us at one stage or another.

A mindfulness course later in the year led me to further explore the attitude of curiosity, openness, and acceptance. The blog Curiosity was about the mindset, and Balancing curiosity put it in a business perspective.

A definite highlight of the year was a visit by a Lean Sensei with 40 years of experience. I learned a lot and shared some of those insights with you in my Beware of kankotsu blog, followed by a Response from Sensei-San.

Thanks for your feedback during the year. Please keep it coming and happy holidays to you all!

– Frank, CEO –