Stock strain ordering FAQ

Stock strain ordering FAQ

Stock strain ordering FAQ

How do I order mice on the Ozgene ARC portal?

What happens if I accidentally enter an incorrect phone number at registration and can’t receive a verification code?

  • Not to worry, email us at
  • We will delete your attempted registration so that you can start over.

How do I pay for my order?

  • Credit card is the preferred payment method.
  • If you are unable to pay by credit card, you can also request to activate the PO option by emailing After activation, the portal will require you to upload a PDF of the PO when you submit your order.
  • Please note that all customers will be transitioned to credit card and EFT payments by 30 June 2023 as it greatly simplifies the sales process.

Can we use group accounts to order?

  • Each registration requires an email address and mobile number.
  • A code sent to the mobile phone is used for authentication at login.
  • For now, the easiest option is to have a single person login and place the orders.
  • We are investigating other authentication methods to allow multiple users to log into the same account.

Am I able to cancel or edit my order?

  • To view our terms & conditions –> click here
  • See “8.5 Order Cancellation and Amendments”

How are shipping costs calculated?

  • When you place your order, our system will calculate the shipping costs based on your location and the number of required shippers and compartments.
  • Please note that males from different litters or different original cages will need to be separated, which often means that sending males requires more shippers than females. This is to improve animal welfare, minimise stress and reduce fighting during transit.
  • To reduce the shipping cost per animal, you may include additional animals of a different strain, age or sex in the same order. Just remember to select the same shipping address and date.
  • The portal will display the final shipping cost at checkout.

Will my existing account transfer to Ozgene ARC automatically?

  • Ozgene ARC is a newly created entity.
  • Accounts from the ARC will not automatically transfer to Ozgene ARC.
  • Please create a new account on the ordering portal.
  • If your purchasing department needs to set Ozgene ARC up as a new vendor, please email with the required documentation.

How far in advance can I place orders?

  • Currently you are only able to order animals that have been weaned.
  • Mice are weaned at ~22 days to determine their sex.
  • The youngest mice you can order are 3-4 weeks.
  • There is a 1-week ordering window for 4-week-old mice, 2-week ordering window for 5-week-old mice, and so on.
  • The oldest mice available on the portal are 12 weeks, and they can be ordered up to 9 weeks in advance.
  • We are working on functionality to enable you to place orders earlier by accessing estimated mouse numbers prior to weaning.

When will you sell rats?

  • The rat colony transfer will commence in the second half of May.
  • The strains should be available on our portal by the end of May.

Can I turn off the SMS verification on my account?

  • SMS verification serves as a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on the ordering portal and can’t be inactivated.
  • MFA adds an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorised access to your account.
  • We are investigating other MFA options to allow group accounts on the ordering portal.

Any other questions?