Preorders launched for C57BL/6J

Preorders launched for C57BL/6J

Preorders launched for C57BL/6J

We are excited to announce the activation of the long-awaited preorder feature on our ordering portal. To start, this feature is only available for our most popular strain, C57BL/6J, and extends the ordering range by one month. We are taking these steps to gather data and ensure that the preorder process operates smoothly. Once we’re confident in its performance, we will expand this functionality to include other strains and a longer time frame.

What are preorders?

In the original ordering setup, you can only place orders for animals that have been weaned, typically occurring at around 22 days of age. This restriction results in a limited ordering timeframe. For instance, there’s only a one-week window to order 4-week-old mice, a two-week window for 5-week-old mice, and so forth.

The introduction of preorders offers a solution to order animals in advance based on the size of the colony. The preordering algorithm assesses the average number of weaned animals per strain over the past four weeks and makes 60% of this quantity available for preordering. This percentage was chosen to ensure that we can meet demand without overcommitting and failing to deliver. When the animals reach the 22-day weaning mark, the system first allocates animals to preorders. The remaining 40% are then made available for standard orders on the ordering portal.

How to place a preorder?

The preorder is placed much in the same way as a standard order. Please watch the short video and see the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Log in
  • Select strain (only C57BL/6J currently available for preorder)
  • Select sex and age (in weeks)
  • Click “week of delivery” dropdown
  • Scroll down to the end of the list
  • Click “Show later dates
  • Dropdown title changes to “Week of Preorder Delivery
week of delivery
week of preorder
  • The “available for preorder” quantity will vary based on preorders already placed for that week by other customers
  • Select your desired week
  • The remaining steps follow the standard ordering process

Facility FAQ

What does our health testing entail?

Our sentinel program adheres to the standards set by the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA). Live animals are sent to an external testing laboratory, Cerberus Sciences, to test for specific pathogens quarterly or annually. Please see our health reports for more information.

Do the areas have different bio-security statuses?

Ozgene ARC stock strains are housed in separate areas to maintain distinct bio-security statuses. The staff are subject to movement restrictions based on the health status of the areas. The immunocompromised mouse and rat area Oz1 requires a 60-hour exclusion period from mouse areas Oz2, Oz3, and Oz5, and all areas must observe a 60-hour exclusion period from the rat area Oz4.

What licenses and accreditations do you have?

Ozgene ARC holds a license to supply animals for scientific purposes from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) in WA. Additionally, we have plans to seek AAALAC accreditation following our relocation to Technology Park in 2024.

What feed and water treatment do you use?

The feed consists of Irradiated Rat and Mouse Cubes supplied by Specialty Feeds. The vacuum-sealed bags are inspected for breach of vacuum by immersion in Virkon upon being taken into the animal facility. The facility uses chlorinated RO water. Chlorine levels are measured and recorded daily. Food entry procedures and water system are based on Ozgene’s AAALAC-approved facility in the USA.