1-Year anniversary, tiered strains & stock alerts

1-Year anniversary, tiered strains & stock alerts

1-Year anniversary, tiered strains & stock alerts

Celebrating one year of Ozgene ARC

As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of commencing operations at Ozgene ARC, we are excited to share improvements to our services and animal welfare with tiered strains, an update on the C57BL/6J numbers, and a new “notify when available” feature on the ordering portal.

Introducing tiered strains

Over the past year, we have successfully digitised all stock animals and sales processes. This has provided us with 12 months of breeding and sales data, enabling us to streamline our services and further advance the 3R principles (Replace, Reduce, Refine) in our breeding programs. As a result, we are introducing our new 3-tiered breeding program:

  • Tier 1 will focus on the highest demand strains that continue to be available for off-the-shelf order and pre-allocation online.
  • Tier 2 are medium demand strains that will be available for pre-allocation online.
  • Tier 3 are strains with very low or no demand over the past 12 months. These strains will be bred on request specifically to your order.
stock strain tiers

Our goal is to continue producing and maintaining animals in accordance with best practices for animal welfare and the 3Rs standards, ensuring animal numbers are minimised and animals are bred for a clear purpose.

The implementation of the 3-tiered program will commence on Monday 17 June. Please contact us if you have any requests or concerns regarding any strains. Our team will also be in contact with facility managers to discuss further details for Tier 2 and 3 strains.

C57BL/6 update (Tier 1)

We are happy to share that our continuous improvement efforts have led to a significant increase in the C57BL/6 breeders. As a result, we have 40 additional females available for purchase on the portal this week, increasing to 100 next week, and extending to the pre-allocation for the coming months based on the predicted animal output. The increased pre-allocation numbers are now available on the ordering portal.

Notify when available

You can now subscribe to colony increase notifications on the ordering portal. This feature ensures that you receive an email whenever the availability increases, making it easier for you to stay informed without needing to frequently check the portal.

Simply search for your desired strain, sex, and age. Then slide the “notify when available” toggle to the right. In the example below, a stock alert is created for C57BL/6 females at 7 weeks of age.


You can view, modify and delete your notifications in “view stock alerts”.

stock alerts

We look forward to continuing to serve you with improved services and dedication to animal welfare. Thank you for your continued support.