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goGermline ISTT 3Rs prize 17 July'17 - The inaugural ISTT 3Rs prize winner is… the goGermline technology

"The potentially significant impact that the widespread application and use of this transgenic technology provides, makes it a worthy inaugural winner of the ISTT 3Rs prize, the aim of which is to raise awareness of the beneficial 3Rs impact that transgenic technologies can have in relation to the use of animals for scientific research."

Our Principal Scientist in North America, Dr. Roger Askew, will give a presentation and accept the award during the Ethics & 3Rs session at TT2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah, 1-4 Oct'17.

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25 Mar'16 - goGermline paper published in genesis

Genesis. 2016 Jun;54(6):326-33. doi: 10.1002/dvg.22938. Epub 2016 May 18.
Exclusive transmission of the embryonic stem cell-derived genome through the mouse germline.
Koentgen F, Lin J, Katidou M, Chang I, Khan M, Watts J, Mombaerts P.

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What is goGermline?

goGermline is a fast and efficient way to generate knockout and knock-in mice. It is a revolutionary technology that incorporates the use of goGermline blastocysts for injecting embryonic stem (ES) cells. goGermline eliminates competition with “host” blastocysts, resulting in 100% ES cell derived offspring.

Ozgene is the only company that can guarantee that only ES cell derived animals are produced at chimera breeding. All of our knockout and knock-in projects use goGermline, with significant benefits to germline efficiency, project timelines and animal welfare. goGermline is also an ideal way to generate mice from KOMP & EUCOMM targeted ES cells.

Watch the video to learn more about goGermline and its benefits to investigators and animal welfare.

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  • Where’s the goGermline proof? >

    At Ozgene, we are constantly striving towards improving our services. We devote a portion of our time to working on R&D projects. goGermline was one of these projects with an excellent outcome.

    In 2014, we began seeing exciting results with goGermline. Several goGermline trials consistently replicated the results. See the attached PDF for offspring data. The goGermline data has also been published in a recent scientific publication in genesis (Koentgen et al. genesis. 2016 Mar 25. doi: 10.1002/dvg.22938).

    goGermline technology is now being used for all of our client projects with consistent results. Germline transmission is achieved faster and more efficiently with no excess mice.

  • How does goGermline benefit you? >

    If a product or service does not benefit the client, then why offer it? Exactly! The following demonstrates the many benefits of this technology to you, our client.

    1. generate: only ES cell derived mice
    2. eliminate: all non-ES cell derived mice
    3. reduce: time to generate knockout and knock-in mice
    4. increase: germline efficiency, even with challenging ES cells
    5. reduce: animal numbers

    We do not want to keep this discovery just to ourselves. goGermline will also give Animal Ethics Committees an opportunity to improve their 3R’s and provides animal facilities with many cost and human benefits. Please see the attached PDF for a more comprehensive list of benefits.

  • How to utilise goGermline? >

    1. License goGermline (worldwide patents published)
    2. Undertake a full knockout or knock-in mouse project
    3. Send us your own or repository ES cell lines to generate mice

    Contact us now to discuss any of these options.

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Did you know?

Ozgene is the innovator in the C57BL/6 strain. Before founding Ozgene in 1999, Dr Frank Koentgen and Dr Gabi Suess were the first to generate and publish C57BL/6 KO mice in 1993.

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