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Are you a passionate researcher looking to take your scientific discoveries to the next level?

Ozgene, a leader in genetically modified mouse models, is offering you an exclusive opportunity to work with us and develop a custom mouse model for your research project—for FREE!

Why choose Ozgene?

  • Cutting-edge technology: Harness the power of our proprietary goGermline™ technology, revolutionizing the creation of genetically modified mouse models. With improved efficiency and faster timelines, we ensure your research progresses swiftly.
  • Unmatched expertise: Our team of dedicated scientists brings extensive knowledge and experience in generating mouse models for diverse research areas. Benefit from our expertise in breeding, characterization, and phenotyping to accelerate your discoveries.
  • Tailored solutions: We understand that every research project is unique. Collaborate with our experts to design a custom mouse model tailored to your specific research needs, enabling you to gain valuable insights and advance your scientific goals.
  • Support the 3Rs: Ozgene is committed to the principles of Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement (3Rs) in animal research. By leveraging our technology, you can minimize the number of mice used while maximizing the relevance and impact of your study.

How to participate:


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Click the REGISTER NOW button below and fill out the brief submission form before 17th October 2023. Express your interest in developing a custom mouse model for your research project by providing essential details and sharing your research objectives.

By completing these three simple steps – following us on social media, tagging a colleague and filling the registration form – you’ll be one step closer to unlocking the potential of a custom mouse model for your research.

One lucky winner will work closely with our team throughout the custom mouse model development process. Witness your research vision come to life as we create a tailored model that aligns with your experimental requirements. Together, we’ll advance scientific knowledge and drive breakthrough discoveries.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary chance to enhance your research capabilities with a custom mouse model developed by Ozgene—for FREE. Register now to unlock a world of possibilities!

Participants are advised to carefully read and understand these terms and conditions before entering the campaign.

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