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Genesis 2007 Mar;45(3):145

Temporal regulation of Cre-recombinase activity in Scl-positive neurons of the central nervous system.

Begley, CG.; Bradley, CK; Göthert, JR; Göttgens, B; Green, AR; Takano, EA; van, Eekelen JA.

Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, Centre for Child Health Research, University of Western Australia, Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia.

The Cre/LoxP system provides a powerful tool to investigate gene function in vivo. This system requires Cre-recombinase expressing mouse lines that permit control of gene recombination in a tissue-specific and time-dependent manner. To allow spatio-temporal gene deletion in specific central nervous system (CNS) neuronal populations, we generated mice with a tamoxifen-inducible Cre (Cre-ER(T)) transgene under control of the Scl/Tal1 neural promoter/enhancer -0.9E3 (-0.9E3CreER(T) transgenic mice). Using Cre-reporter mice we have shown that tamoxifen-mediated Cre-ER(T) recombination in -0.9E3CreER(T) mice recapitulated the anticipated expression pattern of Scl in the caudal thalamus, midbrain, hindbrain, and spinal cord. Cre-mediated recombination was also effectively induced during embryogenesis and marked the same population of neurons as observed in the adult. Additionally, we identified a tamoxifen-independent constitutively active -0.9E3CreER(T) mouse line that will be useful for gene deletion during early neurogenesis. These -0.9E3CreER(T) mice will provide tools to investigate the role of neuronal genes in the developing and mature CNS. CNS.

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