Mouse breeding

Mouse breeding

in Australia and USA

We offer convenient breeding options for your newly generated mouse model or can take over your existing colonies to manage and breed them for you.

Our Vivariums in Australia and USA are Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) and comply with all major national and international research institutes. We use our Geneoz VMS management platform that ensures efficient breeding services and you can access animal data real-time via your secure myOzgene login.

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  • Cre breeding >

    Cre knockin mice are bred to your gene targeted mice. The Cre gene is expressed early in embryonic development resulting in the removal of floxed sequences. We can also breed your mice to remove the Cre gene. Your gene targeted mice that carry the Cre gene will be mated with wild-type mice of the appropriate genetic background. Gene targeted offspring lacking the Cre gene will be determined by qPCR.

  • Tissue specific breeding >

    Many tissue specific Cre strains have been published and are available from various sources, most commonly The Jackson Laboratory. They can be imported on your behalf for mating to your gene targeted mice. Gene targeted offspring carrying the tissue specific Cre gene will be determined by qPCR.
  • Reserve breeders >

    Reserve breeders are generated from within a small breeding colony from your mice of choice. This service provides you with a backup and therefore, peace of mind whilst your mice are being shipped or you are establishing a breeding colony in your own facility. This ensures that breeding age mice are available to you at any time.
  • Homozygous lines >

    We will generate homozygous mice in which both alleles are genetically modified. This is recommended in cases where heterozygous gene targeted modification does not result in an obvious or observable phenotype due to the presence of the remaining wild-type allele. We will breed your heterozygous gene targeted male and female mice to generate offspring homozygous for the gene targeted modification. Offspring are then genotyped by qPCR. You can expect that 25% of offspring to be homozygous, 50% to be heterozygous and 25% to be wild-type.
  • Colony production >

    We can establish and maintain a colony at a predetermined size, age and gender, made available for regular shipments from Australia or USA. This production colony will be designed to specifically suit your requirements for one or more colonies.
  • Custom breeding >

    Custom breeding is exactly that, customised to your needs. It could include, for example, transferring your gene targeted locus onto another strain background over several generations. This service is usually discussed on a project by project basis.
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Geneoz Vivarium Managment System makes it easy for you to know the location, genotype, history, project allocation, health status and husbandry requirements of each and every animal in your Vivarium.

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The team at Ozgene has over two decades of experience creating customised knockout and knock-in mice for pivotal medical research globally. Over 400 scientific publications are based on research using Ozgene mice.

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Ozgene generates genetically customised mice for researchers around the world. Ozgene mice can be found in 31 different countries on 5 continents from small academic institutions to multinational pharmaceutical companies.

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Ozgene is applying Lean Management principles to deliver the highest quality services and shortest lead times to our customers. The implementation of Lean Culture has already seen an improvement in our processes and timelines.

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