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Phenotypic characterisation of customised mouse models is important to your research. That is why we offer fully customised phenotyping that provides you with fast and convenient results. We provide validation phenotyping to verify the genetic change, as well as, exploratory phenotyping to further characterise your mouse model.

Some of our phenotyping services are listed below. However, as our service is fully customised, please contact us to discuss your specific phenotyping requirements and we will design a service to suit your needs.

  • What is validation phenotyping? >

    Validation phenotyping aims to verify that the genetic change on the DNA level in the mouse has also taken place on mRNA and protein levels, and the gene is behaving as we would expect. For example, it can confirm that the introduced gene is now expressed in the mouse, or that the gene that was knocked out is no longer having an effect on the model on the protein level. The presence of a genotype does not guarantee phenotypic expression.
  • What is exploratory phenotyping? >

    In addition to the validation phenotyping, we also offer customised phenotyping with individually designed experiments. This can include immune viability studies (such as in homozygous lethal models), basic morphological and/or behavioural analysis, immune checkpoint target validation, early determination of utility, characterisation under challenge, and other pre-clinical mouse research.

    Please contact us to discuss your specific phenotyping requirements and we will design a service to suit your needs.
  • What phenotyping techniques are used? >

    Phenotyping can be performed on the mRNA, protein and in vivo levels, each subsequent level giving you more definitive information. Here are some of the phenotyping techniques used on each level:

    mRNA expression: RT-qPCR
    Protein expression: ELISA, FACS, Western Blot
    in vivo: Immunisation
  • Which tissues are analysed? >

    Confirming expression on the mRNA and/or protein level requires analysis of specific tissues. The tissues required are unique to your project. We are experienced in advising on the most appropriate tissues for your model in order to provide you with the most accurate results.
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Ozgene is the innovator in the C57BL/6 strain. Before founding Ozgene in 1999, Dr Frank Koentgen and Dr Gabi Suess were the first to generate and publish C57BL/6 KO mice in 1993.

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