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Please see 7 reasons below to choose Ozgene for your next knockout or knock-in mouse project. We are dedicated to providing you with a successful project. In the 20 years that Dr Koentgen and Ozgene have been generating knockout and knock-in mice, germline transmission has been achieved for all projects, including double targeting.

  • 1. Revolutionary goGermline technology >

    With goGermline, we are able to generate your mice fast and efficiently, while improving animal welfare. goGermline eliminates competition with “host” blastocysts, resulting in 100% ES cell derived offspring.

    • generate: only ES cell derived mice
    • eliminate: all non-ES cell derived mice
    • reduce: time to generate knockout and knock-in mice
    • reduce: animal numbers
    • increase: germline efficiency, even with challenging ES cells

    Watch the video to learn more about goGermline and its benefits to investigators and animal welfare.

  • 2. Shorter timelines >

    Our fastest projects have been completed in 20 weeks, including knock-ins and conditional knockouts on C57BL/6 background, utilising our published goGermline technology and gene targeting via homologous recombination. Ozgene’s current average timeline is 29 weeks.

    Ozgene timeline

    We have identified process improvements that can reduce the timeline even further, making our new target timeline 18 weeks. Ozgene is making continuous improvements on project timelines by stabilising, standardising and refining each individual process using Lean management.

    * watch video on timelines.

  • 3. Reliable gene targeting (no CRISPR) >

    CRISPR for genetically modified mice? Not so fast...

    Ozgene continues to rely on the well-published technique of gene targeting via classical homologous recombination and goGermline technology. The use of genetically modified mice as model organisms for the study of human disease remains as relevant as ever and CRISPR-based genome editing is rapidly changing the field. However, whereas the potential of CRISPR technology is very exciting, there are some limitations to its usefulness and drawbacks inherent to the technology can easily be overlooked...

    Read full technical note

  • 4. Live project updates >

    You can receive live project updates via email to be alerted when different project processes are completed or failed.

    samurai mouse
  • 5. You keep your IP >

    Ozgene offers strictly fee for service. All your intellectual property (IP) and materials generated for your project belong to you. Ozgene does not have ownership over any client mouse lines or IP, and will not resell any vectors, ES cells or mouse lines to third parties.

  • 6. Proven expertise, specialising in C57BL/6 >

    Ozgene has recognised expertise over 20 years. In fact, Ozgene’s CEO and CSO were the first to generate C57BL/6 KO mice in 1993 (Koentgen et al. Int Immunol. 1993 Aug;5(8):957-64.)

    Over 400 scientific publications are based on research using Ozgene mice, and germline transmission has been achieved for all mouse projects to date, including double targeting.

  • 7. Ozgene MindQuest >

    The Ozgene MindQuest guides all of our operations and encourages a humble and respectful attitude towards each other, clients and the society as a whole in order "to advance humanity - inspire curiosity".

    Ozgene strives for constant innovation with the aim to provide you with better timelines and services. The MindQuest is centred on creating value for you, by building the Ozgene staff and processes from within. This in turn, builds mutual trust and confidence within staff and within our clients.

    We have improved the processes within our laboratory to smooth the flow of delivery, minimize waste and to allow for the flexibility to change. This has carried through to all of our departments, allowing us to be more efficient. As a result, our processes for all new projects have improved dramatically.

    Our CEO, Dr Frank Koentgen, is a frequent speaker on the Ozgene MindQuest and Lean.

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"We selected Ozgene because they offered a very competitive price, published experience with similar projects, and a complete package from design to delivery with good project support throughout.”

- Dr Simon Archer, University of Surrey, UK

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Did you know?

Ozgene is the innovator in the C57BL/6 strain. Before founding Ozgene in 1999, Dr Frank Koentgen and Dr Gabi Suess were the first to generate and publish C57BL/6 KO mice in 1993.

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Proven Track Record

The team at Ozgene has over two decades of experience creating customised knockout and knock-in mice for pivotal medical research globally. Over 400 scientific publications are based on research using Ozgene mice.

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Global Client Base

Ozgene generates genetically customised mice for researchers around the world. Ozgene mice can be found in 31 different countries on 5 continents from small academic institutions to multinational pharmaceutical companies.

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Lean Management

Ozgene is applying Lean Management principles to deliver the highest quality services and shortest lead times to our customers. The implementation of Lean Culture has already seen an improvement in our processes and timelines.

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