goGermline – first time – every time

goGermline – first time – every time

goGermline – first time – every time

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goGermline – first time – every time

Would you like to generate knockout or knock-in mice faster and more efficiently, while improving animal welfare? Now you can.

Ozgene is proud to introduce goGermline, a revolutionary technology that incorporates the use of goGermline embryos to generate 100% ES cell derived offspring. Click on the video link below to find out more.

All new Ozgene projects will be completed with goGermline technology. In fact, the first 20 projects to sign up will receive an introductory goGermline offer.

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Latest publications

J Immunol. 2014 Aug 15.
A Reporter Mouse Reveals Lineage-Specific and Heterogeneous Expression of IRF8 during Lymphoid and Myeloid Cell Differentiation.
Wang H, Yan M, Sun J, Jain S, Yoshimi R, Abolfath SM, Ozato K, Coleman WG Jr, Ng AP, Metcalf D, DiRago L, Nutt SL, Morse HC 3rd. – National Institutes of Health, USA; Yokohama City University, Japan; Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia.   [read]

Cancer Res. 2014 Jul 23.
Runx2 is a novel regulator of mammary epithelial cell fate in development and breast cancer.
Owens TW, Rogers RL, Best S, Ledger A, Mooney AM, Ferguson A, Shore P, Swarbrick A, Ormandy CJ, Simpson PT, Carroll JS, Visvader JE, Naylor MJ. – University of Sydney, Garvan Institute, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Australia; University of Manchester, University of Cambridge, UK.  [read]

Oncogene. 2014 Jul 21.
Actin filament-associated protein 1 is required for cSrc activity and secretory activation in the lactating mammary gland.
Cunnick JM, Kim S, Hadsell J, Collins S, Cerra C, Reiser P, Flynn DC, Cho Y. – Commonwealth Medical College, Fortis Institute Scranton, Pocono Health System, University of Delaware, USA.   [read]

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Travelling mouseFrank’s blog – Going on a globetrot for goGermline… among other things

Following last month’s blog, I am set to embark on more overseas travel in September and October. In addition to attending conferences, I will be meeting with existing, past, and future clients while also presenting Ozgene’s exciting goGermline technology…

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CRISPR – a promising new technology?

CRISPR technology is exciting and shows some promising results. One of its potential advantages is that it reduces timelines to generate knockout and knock-in mice. CRISPR does, however, come with drawbacks that still need to be worked out.

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Geneoz VMS news

Our customers will soon have access to live mouse data via their customer portal and Geneoz VMS. Our developers are currently working on this unique feature which will allow our customers see their mice at the individual, cage, rack and room level. Information, such as animal numbers, cohorts, genders, genotypes, health status etc., will be available live 24/7.

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We are always happy to discuss your mouse model requirements and provide an obligation free scientific assessment and quote for your project.

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