Joint effort on arthritis research

Joint effort on arthritis research

Joint effort on arthritis research

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Finland Sweden ice-hockey mouseJoint effort on arthritis research

Inflammation is usually the body’s protective response to harmful stimuli, such as injury and infection. In the case of inflammatory diseases, inflammation becomes uncontrolled, causing destruction of healthy tissue.

Rheumatoid arthritis, for example, causes inflammation, swelling and pain in the joints of the hands, feet, and knees. In spite of research efforts, little is know about why these diseases develop and currently there is no cure.

Dr. Rikard Holmdahl at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden believes that it is necessary to take one step back to go two steps forward. Dr Holmdahl is the head of Medical Inflammation Research and works together with Dr. Outi Sareila from University of Turku in Finland, to analyse the basic mechanisms behind chronic inflammation.

For this work, Drs Holmdahl and Sareila have utilised Ozgene mouse models in order to find out which genes are important for the human diseases, and why the immune system suddenly attacks the healthy tissue. Their research is mainly focused on understanding the role of MHC class II genes in explaining the immune specificity of autoimmune disease.

With the increased knowledge they hope to understand the basic mechanism of autoimmune diseases, find new ways to predict them, and to develop new therapies to stop the disease process. Ultimately their goal is to discover ways to completely abolish the disease development in individuals who are at risk of developing autoimmune diseases.

For more information, please see Medical Inflammation Research at Karolinska Institutet.

For more information on Ozgene mouse models, please see Ozgene services.

goGermline mousegoGermline update

Ozgene’s revolutionary goGermline technology was launched two months ago and has been increasingly applied to client projects. We are happy to report that since 25 September, ALL projects now enjoy the benefits of goGermline, with 100% ES cell derived offspring.

We are very excited about the animal welfare improvements of goGermline, already evident in our Vivarium, as well as being able to offer a faster and more efficient service to you. goGermline really is the best of both worlds!

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Latest publications

J Lipid Res. 2014 Sep 25.
PCSK9 inhibition fails to alter hepatic LDLR, circulating cholesterol and atherosclerosis in the absence of ApoE.
Ason B, van der Hoorn JW, Chan J, Lee E, Pieterman EJ, Nguyen KK, Di M, Shetterly S, Tang J, Yeh WC, Schwarz M, Jukema JW, Scott R, Wasserman SM, Princen HM, Jackson S. – Amgen, Inc, USA; TNO Metabolic Health Research & Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands.  [read]

J Neurosci. 2014 Sep 24.
The Role of p75NTR in Cholinergic Basal Forebrain Structure and Function.
Boskovic Z, Alfonsi F, Rumballe BA, Fonseka S, Windels F, Coulson EJ. – Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland, Australia.  [read]

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Frank’s blog

Those of you who follow Frank’s blog would know that he is currently on the road to spread the news about goGermline and other exciting developments at Ozgene. Here are some of his previous blogs to keep you going until he is back, recovered, and ready to share…

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Einstein mouseGeneoz VMS news

In order to provide the fastest possible Geneoz VMS experience to our clients, we are using multiple server instances around the world, including Europe (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Australia (Sydney), and South America (Sao Paulo). More instances can be added as required by our clients.

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