ANZLAA, training & technical updates

ANZLAA, training & technical updates

ANZLAA, training & technical updates

Ozgene ARC at ANZLAA

Looking forward to meeting you at the ANZLAA conference in Melbourne, 28-30 August. Come visit booth #1, where you can engage with key members of our team who have played a vital role in the inception of Ozgene ARC: Leah Preskey, Research Scientist and Organisational Capability team member; Mark van Proctor, Chief Information Officer; Maya Koentgen, Operations Executive; and Maarit Patrick, Chief Transformation Officer. Leah and Mark will man the booth on Monday, joined by Maya and Maarit from Tuesday onwards. We are also happy to arrange individual meetings, ensuring we have enough time to connect and discuss. Please get in touch to schedule a meeting.

Staff training update

Since the start of Ozgene ARC, we have been onboarding numerous Animal Technicians. These new team members have received training from our experienced staff in mouse husbandry, weaning, and other essential procedures. We are excited to share the positive outcomes of our training, powered by the Ozgene framework. This includes our Step-by-Step (SBS) work instructions and digital training schedules using Ozgene’s Corporate Notification System (CNS). We continue to scale our training as customer demand continues to increase. The CNS plays a vital role in driving training progress and accountability, benefiting both trainers and trainees.

Introducing institute accounts

Do you have several people ordering animals to your institute using individual logins? We are now introducing institute accounts to allow users from the same institute to view and modify orders in one consolidated account. This is the first step in the long term plan where we empower you to manage your own institute account, including different user permissions, shipment consolidation, payments across departments with separate credit cards, and so on. Please contact us to start the consolidation process for your institute.

Ordering FAQ

When to shop? ~ Our ordering portal updates at 12 pm and 4 pm AWST each day, displaying the newly weaned animals that have become available. We hope that being aware of these times will minimise the need to check the portal several times a day for available animals. Once our stock levels are sufficient, we will transition the portal to update in real-time as weaning is carried out in our Vivarium.

How to request special arrangements? ~ You can request a deviated septum check for female mice using a dropdown field while placing your order on the portal. For any other requests, kindly email and provide your order number as reference. Please avoid entering requests in the “Researcher/PI” or “Customer Reference Number” fields, as these are exclusively used for invoicing and shipping label information. Please be aware that although we will make efforts to fulfil your request, there might be certain limitations to what we can accommodate.

What strains are available? ~ Information is available on our website for the strains transferred from the ARC. Please refer to our ordering portal for the current availability of each strain.