• Publication every 12 days

    Publicationevery 12 days

    on research using Ozgene mice

    Over 240 research papers have been published by our clients utilising Ozgene mouse models, 124 of them in the past 4 years.

  • Mice from Ozgene

    Micefrom Ozgene

    travel to global destinations

    They can be found in 31 countries on 5 continents from small academic institutions to multinational pharmaceutical companies.

  • Proven track record

    Proventrack record

    for germline transmission

    Ozgene has undertaken over 1000 gene targeting projects, with germline transmission achieved for all projects to date, including double targeting.

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Welcome to Ozgene

Ozgene is an Australian company that generates customised genetically modified mice for drug validation and medical research trials worldwide. Using Lean Management, we are able to efficiently and consistently provide our clients with high quality mouse models so that you too, can advance humanity and inspire curiosity.

Did you know that Ozgene’s founders, Dr Frank Koentgen and Dr Gabi Suess, were the first to successfully produce a C57BL/6 knockout mouse in 1993? Ozgene was founded in 1999 based on that initial accomplishment. Since then, we have established a long history of continued success. Today Ozgene is one of the leading companies providing genetically customised mice for researchers around the world.

Ozgene mice can be found all over the globe. This is evidenced by the distribution of published papers that reference mice created by Ozgene. We currently have over 200 papers published, more than any other competing company. We would love to add your paper to the list, so if you have a project in mind, please see our current services below and contact us for a confidential, obligation free assessment.

What's New?

  • CRISPR knockout mice>

    A promising new technology?

    CRISPR technology is exciting and shows some promising results. It may reduce timelines to generate knock-in and knockout mice. CRISPR does, however, come with some drawbacks...

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  • July Newsletter>

    What happens when you are one of 0.0001%?

    When a disease or disorder only affects between 1 to 3 people per 1,000,000 worldwide, most don’t give these low odds a second thought. That is until you, or a family member, become one of the one...

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  • Latest paper>

    J Clin Invest, 2014 Jul 1.
    Netrin-1 controls sympathetic arterial innervation.
    Brunet, I. et al. - INSERM, France; Yale University, US; McGill University, Canada; Rockefeller University, US; University of Colorado, US.

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  • Frank's blog>


    That’s right, my family and I are in Japan at the moment, one of my favourite places. I spent some time here a few years ago when I participated in the Shingo Tour, a life changing event. This time around…

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  • Why choose Ozgene to create your knockout mouse? Ozgene is considered the leader in customised knockout mice. We have over two decades of experience creating...
  • Here at Ozgene, we understand the complex nature and importance of your research. With that in mind, we strive to develop and offer technology that reduces time, money and resources.…
  • How can Ozgene’s knock-in mouse service work for you? At Ozgene, technology and science are brought together to produce services that give results. We are continually searching for ways to
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