• goGermline is the winner

    goGermlineis the winner

    of the inaugural ISTT 3Rs prize

    Greatly improves animal welfare by addressing the 3Rs: replace, reduce, refine. We can guarantee that only ES cell derived animals are produced at chimera breeding.

    3Rs prize special: free 12-month cryo*

  • goGermline paper published

    goGermlinepaper published

    in genesis on 25 March'16

    Visit our goGermline page to find out more about the technology and to view the full article.

  • goGermline the first time

    goGermlinethe first time

    Generate germline mice faster

    goGermline is a revolutionary new technology to generate knockout and knock-in mouse models. Our fastest project has been completed in 20 weeks.

  • goGermline more efficiently

    goGermlinemore efficiently

    All offspring are derived from ES cells

    Ideal for compromised ES cells that normally would not give germline transmission, including repository ES cell clones.

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Welcome to Ozgene

Ozgene is an Australian company that generates customised genetically modified mice for drug validation and medical research trials worldwide. Using Lean Management, we are able to efficiently and consistently provide our clients with high quality mouse models so that you too, can advance humanity and inspire curiosity.

Did you know that Ozgene’s founders, Dr Frank Koentgen and Dr Gabi Suess, were the first to successfully produce a C57BL/6 knockout mouse in 1993? Ozgene was founded in 1999 based on that initial accomplishment. Since then, we have established a long history of continued success. Today Ozgene is one of the leading companies providing genetically customised mice for researchers around the world.

Ozgene mice can be found all over the globe. This is evidenced by the distribution of published papers that reference mice created by Ozgene. We currently have over 300 papers published, more than any other competing company. We would love to add your paper to the list, so if you have a project in mind, please see our current services below and contact us for a confidential, obligation free assessment.

What's New?

  • goGermline wins ISTT 3Rs prize >

    Announced on 17 July'17: The winner of the inaugural ISTT 3Rs Prize is goGermline technology due to its beneficial 3Rs impact in relation to the use of animals for scientific research.

    *3Rs prize special: free 12-month cryo of your mouse line with any full KO & KI mouse project until 31 Aug'17.

    Read more

  • Lean – an objective or intersubjective reality? >

    Frank's blog - A friend of mine asked recently: “What do you want me to present at a Lean conference?” I suggested to discuss “What is Lean?”. This is because I have an ongoing dilemma with continuous improvement (CI) frameworks such as Lean, Operational Excellence, TPS etc.

    Read more

  • July news: Insights into pluripotency >

    Embryonic Stem (ES) cells are pluripotent; they are able to develop into any cell type in an embryo to generate tissues and organs as diverse as bone, blood, skin and brain cells. In order to differentiate according to a specific cell fate, ES cells need to receive the correct cellular signals during embryo development.

    Read more & sign up

  • CRISPR knockout mice >

    A promising new technology?

    CRISPR technology is exciting and shows some promising results. It may reduce timelines to generate knock-in and knockout mice. CRISPR does, however, come with some drawbacks...

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