Hot start to 2024

Hot start to 2024

Hot start to 2024

Hot weather in WA

Thank you to all of our customers for your understanding and flexibility given the recent heat waves here in Western Australia that have affected your shipments. We appreciate your support during this time and want to assure you that we’re prioritising the well-being of your animals, in which we are happy to report that our policy has ensured successful deliveries of healthy animals. As a gentle reminder, if you are concerned about high temperatures, you can request a delay in delivery on the day of dispatch if you inform us before 9.00 AM AWST.

Mouse & rat requirements

The sizes of the following colonies were adjusted in anticipation of expected demand. However, we currently find ourselves with a significant surplus of animals, as the actual demand has not met the expectations. We are considering reducing the size of these colonies unless there is an increase in demand or purchasing, in accordance with the principles of the 3R’s of animal research. Please place your orders via the ordering portal utilising the preorder function where available, or reach out to us if you intend to place orders for these colonies moving forward.

Similarly, if you’re interested in a strain but find it unavailable on our ordering portal, please reach out to inform us of your requirements. Keeping our strains stocked to meet demand is an ongoing balancing act, and the more information you provide in advance, the better equipped we’ll be to fulfill your needs.

New health reports

We have published new health reports for our Oz2/3/5 and Oz4 areas on the Biosecurity page on our website, along with a list of strains housed in each area.

Ancillary services update – Imports & Exports

We have been receiving requests for ancillary services, such as national and international imports and exports. Our primary focus in our current facility has been to ensure a stable supply of standard mouse and rat strains following the transition of the Animal Resources Centre to Ozgene ARC on 31 May 2023.

Our move to the new facility in Technology Park near Curtin University is planned for mid-2024. Our quarantine premises will be established in the new facility, and the specific timing of the move will impact the start date for imports and exports. We will be in contact with interested customers who have already reached out to us and via newsletter communication when the service is in place.

Thank you for your understanding during this transition.